Sunday, November 6, 2011


Morning to all ,

Today am at home . Doing nothing so I just looking out of my doorway and I saw an empty piece of space in my compound.

My eyes suddenly caught a few unused pots which were abundant after a few years!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then slowly walked out of my house searching for all my gardening tools . I took some earth from the compound and filled up the old pots .

My hands were dammed dirty , I just ignored it . I tempted to get my pot planted with something .

WoW !!!! my eyes suddenly struck a plant ... the plat that I had thrown to the corner of my fence for the past years. I cut the branches and leaving only the big trunk . You all know what it was so big and just nice with the mouth of the pot that i filled with the earth just now .

After a few weeks it started growing green shoots . It was so beautiful . I kept it for naerly 4 years till now . It is such a nice BONSAI .......


HI ,

It was such along time i had forgotten about this blog , anyway I really missed writing .
So today I just wanted to share the activity I had about a few days back . I had taken part in the fling Fox show in my school . Anyway It was just for all novice flier. So did I.

Since it was Co-curricular day for my school , I just wanted to join the crowd . in the beginning it was quite fearful as the rope was tied up from the storey building to another block of my school

I braved myself and put on the safety helmet . I took my turn just after a 7 year -old boy . See what was me compared to the boy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Closing my eyes tight I recited "Bismillah .............." I could do it .

What a wonderful activity , I really enjoyed it and always looking forwards to flying again ...
So for those who never had an opportunity in flying DO TRY it is marvelous

Friday, March 25, 2011

happy momment

Last Wednesday was a real happy day for my 2010 SPM students , They came to get their results
I was one of the crowds in the hall to share the momment. All sorts of characters could be seen .
Some faces were full of joy and undeniable some faces full of sorrows.
To me a great shocked too. One of my students turned out to be the Top student . He is my last year Form 5 science student .

Being the top student , he came on stage to receive his result from the principal. He was so calm and down to earth. He didn't show that his results could make him a better guy one day. Well Done Hussin .

After receiving his results he walked towards all teachers who had taught him in my school including me . I took a chance to have a picture with him.Then I uploaded into my FB .

Among all the candidates there was a family accompanying his son to get the results . It was a real touching . Though the results were not that excellent the father accepted his son's result as the best that the son had done . See ............... he didn't say any discouraging words but all praising his son 's ability. That was Great .

the momment ended at 12 and I had toproceed to my class .

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Today I attended a Malay wedding at my hometown . It is a real typical Malay wedding , It all started with an engagement ceremony . The bridegroom to be brought 7 trays of gifts consisted of a ring, a praying mat, a pair of Malay clothing , a wedding cake , a tray of fruits , a pair of shoes and a hand phone . Wow great it's so different from what I had seen before.

The hand phone is something that was not found in the early 70's . Anyway , this gadget has become a necessity and it can help both the couple be connected I supposed.

Then , the wedding started with an immam coming to wed the couple. Then the two of them legally became husband and wife.

hat 's next yes in connection with the Hari Raya Qurban the hosting family had slaughtered a big
bull.All the guests helped themselves under the prepared tents . Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!everyone enjoyed the feast . I too took the chance to join the group.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My school environment.

I put this article of my work place is just to let others know what is special about my school.

The buildings are really far apart .For me an early fifties... teacher it is sickening , do you know what, why and other WH....

The first thing is I have to drive from the Form 1 block to the Form 5 if I don,t I'm going to miss at least 10 minutes or more , Just imagine if the class should only have 40 minutes so how much time could I teach?ok let's see the blocks

Another is my school has a big number of teachers so, parking is another problems. For me I never had my car parked under the parking lots . I choose to be always under the hot sun as I am always the last to be in school.

This is the parking for may car.

what is special about my school , yes the HALL really well used and maintained , very clean but not that big to fit in all the 1700 students during assembly the students hav to sit on the floor teachers too have to be seated on the plastic chairs at the side of the hall.


Anyway, how small or big this schoo is I really glad to be part of the educators besides, I am at cloud nine to retire in this school soon ,


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hi ,
I'm so glad that I could live in a country side where there is rich with the culture pratice . Lately , I just attended a simple wedding nearby my residential area . I reached the hosting house at 1230 I was dammed shocked to see there had been so many guests. I thought I was the first guest to be there , I was expecting that there would be no other guests yet . As I had read the invitation card saying that that day would start as ealy as 1245 when lunch .

I stepped my feet slowly and iI was welcomed by the host.I was ushed to the tent whre variety of foods were served .

without any delay I quickly took a plate , a little rice , chicken , sambal and a kind of sweet dessert .
I ate my share and I sipped half aglass of syrup . It was really filling and I went to see the wedding couple who were dressed like the king and queen . Reallly great...........

I walked out of the hosting house I was given a small bag which contained some sweets , an egg which was wrapped with silver paper.

I reached home at 1330 I was really filled with the food just now. I then switched on the television and tuned to channel 103 , I then , reached the resting chair I put my head and without noticing that I was falling aslept.

Suddenly , someone came knocking my door I lazily opened my eyes to my suprised a boy came returning my handbag , GOD , thank you for this .... I really debtful to the boy when he returned the bag I just could say TQ .

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday I went for my 1st MGCB meeting at PPD , before that I had to fetch my husband at HUSM who went for his weekly check -up.

When I reached PPD the meeting had already put to order and was officiated by Tn Hj Mahussin Mamat the PPD officer .

The meeting was finally adjourned at 4.10pm . I really had a bad stomach starving but I had to stay awating for the meeting to be wrapped up.

Immediately after the meeting was adjourned all the GCs rushed to the cafe for tea . I had a a little porridge , what a schocked it was dammed sweeet as sweet as sugar for me I am always disliking sweet food . I looked around all my MCGB members were enjoying the sweet porridge.

Today I am having a lot of butterflies in my stomach I am having a "cirit " due to the sweet food and I wished that this would not happen to my other friends . Anyway the meeting made me prepared for my next meeting which would be scheduled on the coming 20th Feb .

All MGCB members see you all at the blog making workshop then....... Bye