Sunday, November 6, 2011


Morning to all ,

Today am at home . Doing nothing so I just looking out of my doorway and I saw an empty piece of space in my compound.

My eyes suddenly caught a few unused pots which were abundant after a few years!!!!!!!!!!!!

I then slowly walked out of my house searching for all my gardening tools . I took some earth from the compound and filled up the old pots .

My hands were dammed dirty , I just ignored it . I tempted to get my pot planted with something .

WoW !!!! my eyes suddenly struck a plant ... the plat that I had thrown to the corner of my fence for the past years. I cut the branches and leaving only the big trunk . You all know what it was so big and just nice with the mouth of the pot that i filled with the earth just now .

After a few weeks it started growing green shoots . It was so beautiful . I kept it for naerly 4 years till now . It is such a nice BONSAI .......

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